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All new orders will be processed after September 1st 2021
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About Feliza Estrada

Feliza Estrada is a Filipino-American artist and musician. With a passion for music and an eye for color, she uses her talents to transform musical masterpieces into beautiful works of art. 

With a specific type of Synesthesia called chromesthesia, this ability enables her to see sound as color. Other artists with this ability include KandinskyFranz Liszt, and Vincent Van Gogh. This gift is the tool she uses to create her artworks.

In 2015 Feliza earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from Colorado State University-Pueblo, and she is completing a second bachelor's degree in music performance. She is a violinist in the Pueblo Symphony Orchestra and volunteers with the Pueblo Youth Symphony. Feliza plans on continuing her education by pursuing her master's degree in orchestral conducting. 

Outside of University, Feliza has attended several conducting workshops in Colorado. This summer, Feliza looks forward to participating in the ICWF 2021: Brahms Symphonies workshop in Lviv, Ukraine.